An action-packed tale of adventure for all ages with a very challenging puzzle hidden in the art for adults
(and younger brainiacs)

THE DETAILS: 144-pages, 5.5 x 8.5" perfect-bound book with content suitable for all ages. Illustrations appear on every page.

PART ONE is the story, a humorous and action-packed tale for ages 7 and up. Zephyr X. Weber and his trusty dog Nose battle wits with the evil Dr. Sumac who lives next door. Click on the LOOK INSIDE circle to the left to get a sneak peek.

PART TWO is a super-tough 10-part puzzle hidden within the book's pages. It's intricate and devious, requiring finesse, logic, skill, and persistence — a puzzling challenge that will push crafty adults and brainiac teens to their limits. 

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